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-Our2014 Napa Chardonnay exhibits slight nutty, oaky notes and ends with a long languorous finish.  Perfect for summer sipping.  Limited quantities.   

Seven Artisans 2014 Chardonnay
Red Cote' 2007 Merlot

-A dry, fruit-forward pleasing Merlot exhibiting plum and cherry berry notes. Great with smoked measts and pork dishers.

2014 Seven Artisans Sauvignon Blanc

A crisp delightfully  refreshing wine with citrus notes, not too grassy

Seven Artisans  2007 Syrah

-This Syrah is our smoothest yet.  Rich and opulent, it pairs beautifully with beef and wild game.

Seven Artisans 2016 Primitivo

-Our flagship wine is fruit-forward, earthy and eminently balanced.   Pairs very well with red sauces, pasta dishes, BBQ or simply with a good friend.