The Meaning of "Seven Artisans"


It takes seven artisans to make a bottle of wine; from farmers that work the soil, to vintners, coopers and other craft workers--each lend hand in a venerable tradition.  As the new owners of Seven Artisans Winery, we are happy to join in this good work.



We are often asked how we got into the wine business?  The answer: Passion is never planned. 

Bob has been involved in the Napa wine scene for 20 years both as a wine writer, wine judge and photographer, while Colleen brings her business acumen and enthusiastic love of the grape.  When our good friends Jeff Miller (winemaker) and the late Richard Burnley (sales and marketing) presented us the opportunity to take ownership of the winery, we were ready to seize it.  Knowing we wanted to put our own stamp on the place, together we're all working to make Seven Artisans THE destination in Suisun Valley.  We believe in great wine, great entertainment and great friends.

We are fortunate to lead with our wine—both in exceptional quality as well as unique character—and intend to provide a welcome home to accessible wine culture and convivial community while embracing a bit of whimsy. 

Located a few minutes from I-80, you can spot us from the road by our "lawn", and as we like to remind our pet owners, at Seven Artisans "dogs drink free."


We hope to see you soon!


Bob & Colleen Ecker